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Current Status: See news articles on profile for snippets, wanted extraction ages ago, assuming everyone dead few people flagged up occasional Infotech have your Tel numbers, my home number I am contactable on if anyone can help with logistics in flat move, however wether you believe anything dead say or rathecme quoting whqtvive been told clairaudientlbor by of science stuff a separate matter pm2.5 meter ms window that doesnvopen enough reason to move on own and other locations appear to have 0 ef or lower radiation noting their could be exceptions othecway also, remember in darlington station for instance. Tiger countertops alarms at bus stop also concerning.
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Arch Type: The Lovers (ATU 6)
Astrology: Gemini
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status update:

after being knocked off this website as i don't have access to the email account i used for 2 pass authentication because that phone was taken out by hackers (Quoting the dead) and because the replacement phone which i was given i ditched on bequest of my great grandfather because I was told the PUK number had been hacked and that was going to be used as an excuse for the people who have been breaking into my home to hack it. I threw it.

That was before the press were reporting prince harry being annoyes on his phone that was inthe tabloids. Given landline phone prices I think the deads strategy suggestion was stupid as the calls I got billed for on my landline are enough to but more than one phone over which is why i have stopped making landline calls, though have no idea how much the EU commision phone call which will be january phone bill will be, as i have just tried to do 12 days of food on £10.

At which point the other day at 3:35am the dead started me sayibng that the CIA was using the AE weapon at 1am and 4am and to phone the american consulate to complain, (I went no as dont have the money) the dead were also saying my body was trying to do a heal in another location and that that weapon will cause me brain damage because I don't have the nutirants in my body, and needed vitamins A and E before the hit from them thus annoying me as I am trying to last the fortnight on £10.

A previous occasion from the dead that CIA were snooping before the election, I noted that the camera sensor was flagging stuff up, and I put a foil sheet between the window and the sensor and it stopped as my solution in an attempt to stop the "MI5" service people who were breaking into my flat when out (testimony of the dead) was to but door viers to fit on the door and intenal not wifi 8 camera cctv system for inside the flat, this is because I'm annoyed at the dead saying that they keep breaking getting keys for my lock every other day as lock replaces are costing me a fortune. (Those locks bought from differnt stores) the dead say cambrouleigh has someone in bnq which gives keys up, and that an online retailer have (or had if they been fired) snoops in their employee.

That cctv system has been running for just over 48 days at time of writting, and when i was out the door viewer recorded a workmen trying to get into my flat when i was in town, that footage was handed over to the police, and uploaded on a web site reviewer (though it never appeared online) as i wanted an offsite backup quick.

I've got back on here using free email account but had to raise a bug report to get email working.

the rest of the time was me being stressed out, with the dead testifying to the break in group using various beam weapons such as yellowred, bluegreen or whatever the colout combinations are. According to the dead it's a differnt alloy for each beam, if memory serves tungston is green (or was thart yellow?) silver is red, alluminium was Huh and i forget the rest currently, and a two alloy combination is in the mi5 hack box that reads the electronic yale sensor, which according to the dead is located elsewhere.

I have no idea if any of that information is true, but can testify to someone having got in at least once after I origionally installed the yale lock as they left stickers on plugs (see facebook, and news article wrote previously)

the dead had suggested I use foil before camera system was bought on people in various directions, as they say more than one property doing that type of thing. however seeing it work on cctv camera sensor was amusing later.

Dead also have named a lot of people in those criminal gangs and have started flagging up people who the dead say entered my flat a year to the day ago. This type of information is annoying, and replacing computers furniture is equivelent to a years income, so isn't being done anytime soon by me.

yesterday I refused to buy a beer to counter one of the poisions that was in my system as dead say I had aroun 4 or 5 currently and body can't take one out, as the others attack, reincarnation stories aside going back centuries and a vengance demon saying they work for the karma court opening up past lives, and explanations of the quirks in people, and even statement that I was allowed in this life, as my mother in bc life was killed by my current mother in that life and I was allowed in this life because of not finding love or something and comment on A.A and A.B inter alia (in those deals when favours are called in, assuming any of the testimony of the dead people speaking is true) inter alia a am hoping all those assholes are removed from planet earth forever as they haven't changed at all, earliest dead went back with me was 950bc, correction 1050bc and where i am with it, is doing nothing to see what I can save up to buy bnew computers, as the dead wanted me to throw the £90 secon dhand machine, saying the Hardware abstraction layer was fucked as they updated it with a virus to transmit the id's of usb's hardrives plugged into it. given windows 10 did a windows update when it wasn't connected to the internet and with the wifi cards marked as disabled, I don't have a working computer or operating system to use and the dead were bitching about licencing, and rights if file copy done on an operating system like that as I got the disk from store as haven't got a secure working router at home currently, and don't thik i am going to have one anytime soon.

dead commented that the dragon clairvoyance i commented on facebook was the "jo loyedjo black/jo brand" women in conversation with the torture judges who are guilty of murder, and that her higher up is servalan, and her mother murdered sister of someone qEII slept with in 1962 for queen eliazabeth ii, I commented on that story to around 4 people at the time of hearing it, and that type of info seems rather blazay forgotton about for now and am just ignoring the dead person speaking who was saying i gave him information once in a war 6 or 8 10 bc (comment dead just made then) which he couldnt use at the time, and was someone who blew all their money to survive the war, hence why he was giving me the medical information on body and charkras late, when set on not budging on money. I find the person speaking giving info up annoying and as such warn anyone who learns mediumship that opening up connection for anyone on those planes to speak is not recommended, however the odd conversation is amusing, note how anyone on that plane can keep dragging inforamtion out and speaking none stop 24/7 without much pause in the conversation is impressive as well as annoying, other than commenting on the dead testifying to mi5 service breaking into flat to poison me and me wanting to just resume where left off, only advise i'd go is buy decent router (if anyone can find one) first immediatly as well as many cctv systems as you can get, and double check licencing laws, and write an OS in the first day on a text editor you write, i've not done any of this and still stuck hearing the dead out trying to last on money.

I managed to buy a cmaera when sneaked into darlo on bus on one day, but that was several weeks in, and I really couldn't be arsed trying to photo evidence after that. the dead aske me to throw all food out, as llooked as though they poisioned salt seller inter alia and obviously I took to cartying ruck sack on me at all times, as tooth brushes were getting hit also! they left a scab on one on one flat entry. eitherway that type of information incursion scary, especially when they naming other flats people in the building, and oh told they put some vitimin on the plant pots i had which is a slow poision and they did different amounts in each pot. (this im told is because they wanted to break me) to keep the nhs up. I think they are just murderous and all of them fucking assholes, and generally showing britain and the british people as being complete and utter scum. (as well as americans) given CIA was named as doing the plaster poison to spread the blame and liability ambiguity of death.

anyhow testimony of the dead aside, thats a brief summary of the last 5 months, and battry back up was tested on day i rang 105 for supplier number (paperwork stolen in incursion by them) to get new code for keymeter, so managed to crawl out of date on power cut alarm to do top up (no idea how much those calls cost either) but on that day I couldnt find house keys they showed up in a packing box in flat, didnt know how they got their and that was the evening after I was hit with a box in the street, with an image of hera being shown after it when walking back from town with a bronze lamp, as was holding it at the base hearing symbolism out, and cardboard box flew round the corner on a bridge and hit me, got shown the image of the deity (disney cartoon) and then couldnt find key meter, and lost flat keys. note that orbs show up cctv at times and did around time of key search, and while i know some things show up in uv, I have yet to detmine if any of those uv tells are cia, the assassins and thieves doing scans. thoughi was told one of them was a living thing that seems invisible to normal eye sight. (anyhow not having noted this type of thing in young age) and an amusing moment of me asking why i was being hit by cardboard box in the street and don't think anyone saw when it happened. (day before did top up) I think thats most of the goss of the last 5 months. and i didn't leave my flat on day of election vote as dead were flagging that jo person as planning break in into my flat, saying she had tasked someone to take my cam system down. (and mood feel subject matter of conversation from the dead varies on scare factor) though did note that on day they flagged cambrouleigh in my window of my flat, that when i looked on my cctv their were several ladders that had been moved past it on multiple white vans that had shown in the street, as anyone buying cctv has to review footage all the time! especially given nature of dead testifying to posions having been used by people break in. (or fungal places) note cleaning entire walls, and that blue one that showed up in top right once when cleaning fluid was put on, which dead say was death marker placed by those breaking in. (that information ages back) and this lot just a brain dump for now. so double check cleans, oh dead say that one skill was 9th century and i no explanations on how to use it, was me hearing chatter in otehr locations, due to problems in current location and if problem fixed the chatter goes away, told me and a priest asked for it once to remove a problem quick in that life, and removed most of it, but someone died in year on bit we missed. and the dead have done that for forcasts 10 years on with me also. and less (then that real time, or past also) and that type of thing detracts from getting anything done also, as i can testify to what i'm told but further evidence beyond that is problem, as not happy about the entire thing anyhow i have commented on more than one occasion britain guilty of genocide but noting news paper articles on what people doing with nhs, think fleeing abroad plan still needs to be considered, watching escape plan few? weeks back of time of writting i was asked if could do it in couple of hours notice (due to backroom discussion in another location) also told to sue over the 2010 luther tv series, episode 3 [watched last night, seriea 1 was 50p], which i am looking away from as British legal system doesn't exist (see franz kafka parables of law test i did, and that type of thing least of my concern here and haven't watched the rest.

stats from months back the dead said 87 properties in durham were hit by those teams, and 400 killed in 90's by those people saying servalan killed 400-500 and travis 300-400 as duff had used servalan to kill prisoner and travis middle man for guard
landline 0191 3866140 still u

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