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Current Status: not sure what to say anymore on this type of information Ref1:?JournalEntryID=1943
Dating Profile
Dating Profile
Question My Answer Matches Answer
Marital Status: Single and Looking open relationship, Single and Looking, Desperate, Single/not looking
I'm Looking For: Anything Marriage, Love, Romance, sex, Friendship, Anything, Don't bother me
Ethnicity? White
Religion/Spirituality? Satanist
Social Group? Goth
What's your sexuality? Straight Straight, Bisexual
Political Profile: Libertarian, economic center
social style: sheep, please lead me *flutters eyelids*
Do you have kids? No No
Do you want kids? No No
Do you want to get maried? No Yes,No,Maybe
Are you a vegitarian? No No
Do you own your own home? Your Not Allowed To View Yes,No,Maybe
Do you have a degree? Yes Yes
Can you drive? Yes Yes
Are you messy? Yes Yes,No,Maybe
Are you an early riser? (like mornings) No Yes,No,Maybe
Do you generally go to bed early? (before midnight) Maybe Yes,No,Maybe
Do you cook? (this isn't can - which is assumed) No Yes
Your lover has a crisis - and so does work - do you put your job first? No Yes
Do you wash up, after every meal? without letting it stand? No No

Favourite Things
Favourite Things created by gothiclight
Question My Answer Matches Answer
My favourite food? itallian
My favourite film? the last samuri
My favourite song? principles of lust, enigma
My favourite drink? red wine/whisky
My favourite place? prague
My favourite thing? luis royo prints/hot tub
My favourite animal? dogs
My favourite book? wheel of time, lord of rings
My favourite star? angelina jolie
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Temptation I Seek: (Things I Want)
for Britain to stop torturing people on mental health wards and elsewhere, and for Britain to stop them starving people out of house and home in a bid to get world peace back on track.

for Britain to reintroduce the concept of evidence id detaining people, and for the reasons why people are being detained to be handed over to anyone who was detained, so they know what they are detained as I verified this is not being done in Britain on those so called mental health wards which have the same standard of people who participated in Hitlers 1933 sterilisation and 1939 secret T 4 genocidal termination program and that infrastructure to be dismantled in its entirety.

an end water monopolies, and end of government press censoring what is happening to the people and an end to the censorship of knowledge, an end to the brainwashing of the people, and a load of other things like perhaps staying in or re-joining the EU as well.
Temptation Offered: (What I can offer You)
tell me what do you want? and I shall try and factor it in and cater for it.
The Small Print: (Restrictions and things I am not after)
as a psychic it is really annoying if dating a women and their mind is on another bloke after the 2014 relationship where I was picking up on it, and she confirmed it was because she was going in with an ex, final nail put me off relationships for life.

that and the fact I now know what I am doing, want to do, and the ROI on dating a women no longer seems worth it.

admittedly in 2014 and in my 20's I did go through the I want to be with someone stage, and wanted back then to spend all my time with them, for company and fun, but know I think people would just get in my way other then the occasional hook up under the notion that the more people you know, the safer you possibly are when living in a country which you know detains and tortures people for political, religious and scientific opinion/knowledge.

sex was fun back in it's day but humouring women and their nagging so not worth it notwithstanding in those days they were useful in alleviating boredom which is none issue no
Birth Symbols
Arch Type: The Lovers (ATU 6)
Astrology: Gemini
Character Card: Knight of Swords (Fire of Air)
Personal Symbol: Cruelty (Nine of Sword)
Root Symbol: Ace of Swords (Ace of Swords)
I still haven't resolved the damage from incursions that have been occurring into my flat, or repaired the criminal damage, hack damage or any other damage they have done to my home network, if anyone wants to speak to me or query anything then my landline is 0191 386 6140 as my mobile phone is out of operation currently.
I am the software developer who designed and coded and maintains this web site as a going concern and the owns owns the sex tree trade mark.

I can also be contacted at which is also a web site I own, run and operate.

I have been single since end of 2014. Available for any women brave and local enough to date me notwithstanding I've probably given up on falling in love thing now and probably dont have much free time devote to being with someone as want to spend my time getting through and improving the projects i am working on, including this site.

I am sceptical I will ever find a suitably compatible long lasting match. However I might be surprised if the right someone comes along... the site is free to contact people on!!!

If you have any problems or ideas to add to the site/want something to change/or want me to expand upon something or just improve it. just send me an email and i'll try and sort it out as soon as possible, as I'm here to work for you.

My interests are varied and have included or do include chess, poker, larp, fencing, akido, tarot, psychic development, wicca, the occult, and pretty much anything really.

I am attended Hapkido,Taekwando,capoeira and tai chi regularly when I am nit programming or researching ir developing anything.

I used to enjoy being cuddled up to watch a movie with a nice glass of red wine, visiting historic castles and haunted locations and used to be a member of the national trust, English heritage but I don't havent drank an alcoholic choice out of not feeling like it since may 2015.

I'm a goth or used to be and did enjoy going to gothic music festivals. I used to collect vampire films, used to do the bdms scene and am pretty laid back and open minded about anything these days including what to do with this site.

Lots of things I want to enhance as far as this site and other projects go but will take awhile to plow through.

Did try writing a few books on psychic development but I never finished them, the drafts are available of though.

If anyone wants to help with a movie which I also wrote (needs a lot more work) it can be visted here as well. Just get in touch if you want to get involved.

Favourite Music

Goth/Rock/Metal - guns n roses, Sisters of Mercy, inkubus sukkubus,necromancer, blutengle, lahannya,cradle of filth, theatre des vampires, faith and the muse, zeitergeist zero,crux shadows (the odd track at times),medieval babes,linsey stirling, zeromancer , Evanessence, Enigma, Alice Cooper - Poisson, Depeche Mode - walk in my shoes, Alien Sex Fiend - I walk the Line, Lady GaGa, some marylin manson, some rob zombie, the pretty reckless,grace everet - bad things, Kenny rodgers - the gambler,the cult rain, she sells sanctuary, Huh - ball of confusion,Huh -ballroom blitz, semblant would be ok but the lyrics annoyed and she blocked me on Facebook after I asked her to change them. Soft cell - tainted love, sone tracks from the mission, bauhaus only did about one good track, I cant remember if any typo o negative tracks I like exist, or Rosetta stone or fields of the nephalim. Ac/dc was ok, Metallica the black album possibly but probably not good enough unless in the mood.

Favourite Movies

Aliens, Flatliners, Devils Advocate, Runaway Jury, A Time to Kill, The Crow, The Firm, Legally Blonde, My Cousin Vinny, Dodgeball, Wedding Crashers, Last Samurai, 300, Nikita, Leon, La Reine Margot, We Were Soldiers, Top Gun, Black Hawk Down, Pitch Black, Braveheart, Shawshank Redemption, Die Hard 3, Lethal Weapon 3, The Rock, Serendipity, Serenity, Witches of Eastwick, Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, The Craft, Interview with the Vampire, The Lost Boys, From Dusk Till Dawn, Queen of the Damned, Underworld, Swordfish, Hackers, Matrix Reloaded, Hitch, Pursuit of Happiness, Must Love Dogs, High Fidelity, Preaching to the Perverted, The Rock, willow,labyrinth,back to the future and dark crystal

Favourite Television

Doctor Who, Blakes 7, Quantum Leap, Red Dwarf, Black Adder, Drop The Dead Donkey, Sharp, Ally McBeal, Charmed, Angel, Boston Legal, House, Bones, West Wing, Prison Break, 24, Farscape, Babylon 5, Firefly, Stargate

Favourite Books

David Eddings,Katherine Kerr,Terry Pratchett,timothy zahn, Robert Jordan, Timothy Zahn, Aleister Crowley,Donald Michael Kraig, Lon Milo DuQuette, Israel Regardie, Robert Bruce, Donald Tyson,Charles G Leland,Stewart Farrar, Gerald Gardner,Ly de Angeles,Kate West, Scott Cunningham, Tom Paine, Voltaire,Doyle Brunson,Garry Kasparov, Eduard Gufeld ,John Nunn, Miyamoto Musashi, Morihei Ueshiba ,Sun Tzu,Machiavelli (he's crap),Stephen King, Bramstoker,Ann Rice, Kim Harrison,Victor James Zammit, Hewitt,Dorothy Chitty,Sally Morgan,Collin Fry,TJ Huggs and other psychic writers, Robert T Kiyosaki

Heroes (don't have any)

Avon off Blakes 7 as a Kid, Henry Navarre of France at college, Paracelsus for a bit for telling academia to fuck off, Crowley was entertaining, Benjamin franklin perhaps seems to be most quotable occasionally.

Events attended
7/1/2017 friends of the earth anti fracking protest at Sherwood forest

August 2016 - artemis gathering, 2006 witchfest scotland

August 2007 last larp weekend attended lt gathering

Anything prior to that date not listed as I forget when and their were loads

Major Goth bdsm clubs events attended

Whitby goth weekend,carnival of souls,infest,dark city,nightmare before christmas,slimelight,Wendy house, the charnel house, persecution in Stockton, bar phono and black sheep, danse macarbe, snakebite ans black

Camping and caravan club events as a child included

National feast of lanterns, central counties, dodge city, the 60s weekend, the tulip rally and other the youth event in holland where all the tents got blown down and everyone was put up on world war I stretchers in a whare house curtosy of the red cross due to high winds and stormy weather.

Clubs and societies been a member of at some point include

Beanos Denis the menace fan club
Cubs and scouts as a kid
English herritage, national trust
Durham university treasure trap
Founder member of durham uni assassins society
Durham uni sci fi society
(Tabi) tarot association of the british ilse.
children of artemis, unless that was just magaazine subscription.
SLimelight, bar phono Sunday club
Camping and caravan club
Various local Chess clubs over the years and played in weekend tornanments league matches once all be it a very long time ago.
Vampire the masquerade
Magic the gathering
Martial arts currently started up december 2016

Tai chi, capeiro, taekwondo, hepkido (jan 2017), went to an Iaido lesson (Dec 2016), did jui jitsu and akidio for a bit around 15 years ago but not for very long.

Also did solo parachute jump (2006) and fencing and some salsa lessons for a bit

Attended psychic,reiki,tarot courses around 05,06

Have attended a spiritual church before

Last time I had an alcoholic drink was at some point before may 21st 2015. That was by choice, but went over a probably not drinking when detained and torture in 2011 though i was incarcerated for longer than that, my lawyer bought me a drink at some point during the incarceration period.

and in the years before the climatic siege, I had no money to buy food let alone alcohol so didn't really drink in that period either.

Please note I am Not against people drinking and first time I got wasted was my 17th birthday while camping and involved me throwing up repeatedly lots and was the reason I never drank cider since and I nevre touched monach mead after throwing up at a larp event either.

However I reserve the right to get pissed if I feel like it at a later date.

Unlikely with current frame of mind but in my 20's and at uni I got drunk all the time but that only for dutch courage and decided I'd rather be able to do all that sober, drunk people while sober are way too loud and I find their company best avoided unless your inebriated to the same extent.

I Went off bottles of white wine with formal dinners at university, I used to like red, but went off that after stopped drinking for awhile and last time I tried some it tasted awful.

tia maria and milk is probably ok in taste still but not verified it recently.

gin was and is awful (alcohol as opposed to spiritual variety!) and whisky no longer palatable but was an acquired taste for awhile, Tia maria and milk was ok for awhile as was archers and lemonade, possibly rum? Went off mead after throwing up on that hot summer weekend which took a week of recovery time, darnk bitter, mild more than larger, but these days prefer tea, orange juice or milk.

Is where most likely to ads links and book references for people who were or are detained and tortured on NHS wards as I was in Detained and tortured in 2011 when I attempted to do a quick summary to get people up to speed on politics before approaching moi.

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27 December 2013 4 years back, being grabbed on both arms, dragged into a room by 7 staff members and tortured via injections against my will while detained on a mental health ward in Lancaster Road hospital, Durham.
When you remember that memories would have made more sense, then comments over people

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