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Current Status: Not Set
Dating Profile
Dating Profile
Question My Answer Matches Answer
Marital Status: Serious relationship
I'm Looking For: Friendship
Ethnicity? White
Religion/Spirituality? Pagan/Wiccan
Social Group? Goth
What's your sexuality? Straight
Political Profile: don't care
social style: relax, i know who you are
Do you have kids? Not Answered
Do you want kids? Not Answered
Do you want to get maried? Not Answered
Are you a vegitarian? Not Answered
Do you own your own home? Not Answered
Do you have a degree? Not Answered
Can you drive? Not Answered
Are you messy? Not Answered
Are you an early riser? (like mornings) Not Answered
Do you generally go to bed early? (before midnight) Not Answered
Do you cook? (this isn't can - which is assumed) Not Answered
Your lover has a crisis - and so does work - do you put your job first? Not Answered
Do you wash up, after every meal? without letting it stand? Not Answered

Physical/ Social Stats
Physical/ Social Stats
Question My Answer Matches Answer
How Tall Are You? 5ft 7
What colour is our hair? Browny purple
What Colour are your eyes? Brown
What is your weight? fluctuates
How good looking are you? Average
Number Of tatoos: 6
Number Of Piercings: 1
Do you Smoke? Yes
Do You Drink? Never
Body Mass Index:
Employment Status: Not Looking
Other Questionnaires Answered
Sexual Habits Profile
Temptation I Seek: (Things I Want)
Temptation Offered: (What I can offer You)
The Small Print: (Restrictions and things I am not after)
Birth Symbols
Arch Type: The Moon (ATU 18)
Astrology: Pisces
Character Card: Queen of Wands (Water of Fire)
Personal Symbol: satiety (ten of cups)
Root Symbol: Ace of Cups (Ace of Water)

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Profile Created: 5/19/2007
Last Login: 1/25/2009
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